Monthly Archives: January 2020

The DIY Landlord: A Checklist for Going It Alone

So you’ve invested in your first rental property, and you’ve decided to handle everything yourself. Congratulations! And good luck. You’ve set off on a new challenge. Some of the main things we’ve seen DIY landlords stumble over include the following. If you can check these off in the beginning, you’ll be in a much better [...]

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January Tenant of the Month: Zahiya Dance Studio

Meet Lisa Zahiya, owner of Studio Zahiya, our January Tenant of the Month. Zahiya is a unique, boutique dance and fitness studio, where the guiding principal is "Dance is for everyone." Now in its 10th year, Zahiya Studio is located in downtown Asheville at 90½ North Lexington and offers a wide variety of dance and [...]

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