Boutique management firm DMG / Property Management was founded in 2019 by property manager Natalie Dierkes, whose people-focused vision is grounded in over 10 years of experience in the real estate industry. Active in management and renovation of income-producing properties since 2012 through her family’s real estate business, where she helps manage over 150 units, including more than 100,000 square feet of office and retail space in downtown Asheville, Natalie launched DMG to fill a special niche in the Asheville market.

As a property owner herself, with 11 buildings in the downtown area, Natalie understands first-hand the importance of strengthening the value of each owner’s investment. Her proven ability to attract and retain high-quality tenants and her focus on preserving the unique character of each property and its place in the community form the core of DMG’s vision.

DMG provides a full suite of property management services for both commercial and residential property owners. Drawing on extensive local knowledge and experience, with an established network of local contractors and vendors, DMG delivers marketing, leasing, maintenance, and management services with the goal of maximizing the value of each investment. In addition to full-service leasing and management, DMG also offers design and renovation services with an eye toward increasing the long-term value of a property.

A property’s value is expressed not just in its physical structure but in what makes it unique, a quality that’s reflected in the residents it attracts and the businesses it supports. At DMG, we understand that people are a crucial part of each property owner’s return on investment, and we’re committed to enabling the growth of thriving local businesses and communities.

Team Members

Jody Sankey

Property Management Assistant

Jody’s varied experience and strong customer service background make her a trusted point of contact for DMG tenants. She assists with repairs, property showings, and contractor and tenant communications. 
She also owns and manages her own vacation rental properties, so she understands property management from all sides. Known for her responsive support, Jody is always available to tenants whenever they need anything. During her free time she loves spending time outdoors and hanging out family and friends. A self-described animal person, Jody’s extended family currently includes backyard free-range chickens, two rabbits, and two wonderful dogs.

Myra Hensley

Administrative Assistant

An Asheville native, Myra attended East Carolina University before returning home to the mountains of Western North Carolina, where she lives with her husband and two kids. At DMG / Property Management, Myra is responsible for all things admin—accounting, data entry, lease documents, property records, and more. If owners or tenants have questions or need a copy of their lease or other documents, Myra’s the one who’ll help. When she’s not keeping the DMG office running smoothly, she loves baking or curling up with a good book. A mountain gal at heart, she readily admits her favorite place to get away and relax is the beach: “Toes in the sand, with a drink in hand.”

Commercial Property Management

Specializing in commercial property management of office, retail, and industrial space.

Residential Property Management

Providing residential leasing and management services for single-family homes and multifamily units.

Design and Renovation Services

Offering design and renovation services, from simple upfits to complete remodeling.