Meet Lisa Zahiya, owner of Studio Zahiya, our January Tenant of the Month. Zahiya is a unique, boutique dance and fitness studio, where the guiding principal is “Dance is for everyone.”

Now in its 10th year, Zahiya Studio is located in downtown Asheville at 90½ North Lexington and offers a wide variety of dance and fitness classes, including boot camp with a personal trainer, dance fitness, and a weekly yoga class.

In this video, Lisa also talks about recently starting a second business, Be Her, which offers life coaching and business advice to women starting and running small businesses. Be Her draws on Lisa’s MBA degree and background in corporate marketing.

When asked what she likes best about Asheville, Lisa is clear and emphatic: “Seeing businesses supporting local businesses.” The one thing she would change? “There are amazing local owned businesses in downtown, and I want to see all the locals come down here. “ We couldn’t agree more!

Listen to how Lisa describes the welcoming atmosphere at Studio Zahiya, and check out their classes and videos at It’ll make you want to get up and dance.

“We are trying to provide movement for everyone,” she says. “This is just a place to come in and feel good about yourself.”

Congratulations Lisa and Zahiya Studio! YOU ROCK!

(Video by DMG / Property Management.)