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Preventive Maintenance Tips for Landlords

Preventive maintenance for any property, residential or commercial, is the number-one way to protect your investment. Regular preventive maintenance keeps your property in tip-top shape, wards off unnecessary repairs and alerts you to possible future repairs before they become a crisis. Many preventive maintenance tasks are small and inexpensive. Some require the services of licensed [...]

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Getting Back to Business

Masks off. Doors open. Everywhere we turn, it’s “Open for Business” again. Well, almost. Masks off, sometimes. Doors open, with precautions. We still see signs for occupancy limits, plus those ever-present bottles of sanitizer on counters or just when you step in the door. Still, it’s undeniable. Everyone, it seems, everywhere, is getting back to [...]

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Emergency Preparedness for Landlords

Here in the midst of the growing coronavirus crisis, we’re reminded of the truth of that old saying: The best time to plan for an emergency is before it happens. That made us think that now would be a good time to look at emergency planning for landlords. What kind of emergency plans do property [...]

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March Tenant of the Month: Minx Boutique

Congratulations to our March Tenant of the Month! Minx Boutique has been bringing unique women’s fashions to Asheville since 2002. In this interview with founder Rebekkah Mark, Natalie uncovers the connections of music and art to the store’s beginnings and takes us on a video tour of new spring fashions. And what’s the scoop on [...]

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Real Estate Investing at Maximum Percent

Thinking about investing in rental property for the first time? Or just looking for a reality check on what’s a good versus a risky investment? In this month’s Investor’s Resources post, we thought we’d take a look at some of the financial guidelines investors use for answering that basic question: Should I buy or not?  [...]

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February Tenant of the Month: Mountain Madre

If you love good food, then you’ll love our February Tenant of the Month! Natalie talks with Danny Scully, owner-operator of Mountain Madre Mexican Kitchen & Agave Bar, about vegan queso, tequila by the barrel, and the restaurant’s new gluten-free menu options. “Everything’s prepared fresh every day,” he says. “And our seafood comes in fresh [...]

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The DIY Landlord: A Checklist for Going It Alone

So you’ve invested in your first rental property, and you’ve decided to handle everything yourself. Congratulations! And good luck. You’ve set off on a new challenge. Some of the main things we’ve seen DIY landlords stumble over include the following. If you can check these off in the beginning, you’ll be in a much better [...]

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January Tenant of the Month: Zahiya Dance Studio

Meet Lisa Zahiya, owner of Studio Zahiya, our January Tenant of the Month. Zahiya is a unique, boutique dance and fitness studio, where the guiding principal is "Dance is for everyone." Now in its 10th year, Zahiya Studio is located in downtown Asheville at 90½ North Lexington and offers a wide variety of dance and [...]

How to Find (and Keep) Good Tenants

  If you’ve invested in rental property, or if you’re considering getting started, you already know you need top quality tenants. But for new property owners, or for anyone who was recently burned on a bad tenant, how to find and keep great tenants can seem a bit daunting. So here are our top tips. [...]

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December Tenant of the Month: Mora Jewelry

This month’s Tenant of the Month is Asheville’s unique jewelry boutique, Mora Contemporary Jewelry Design. Curator and owner Marthe Le Van talks with Natalie about how she started Mora in 2012 as a flagship store for renowned jeweler Joanna Goldberg. Mora soon expanded and now represents over 30 jewelers from around the country. In this [...]

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